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Mbu Waindim

Graduate Student, Graduate Fellow (PhD, November 2017)

Interests: Shock interactions


Arvind Mohan

Graduate Student, GRA (PhD, November 2017)

Interests: Model Reduction and Statistical Analysis, Wing Stall, Flow Control


Kalyan Goparaju

Graduate Student, GRA (PhD, October 2017)

Interests: Jet noise


Lionel Agostini

Post-doctoral Researcher, (2014-2017)

Interests: Shock/turbulent interactions, Statistical Analysis.


S. Unnikrishnan

Graduate Student, (PhD, December 2016)

Interests: Stability of fluid flows


Swagata Bhaumik

Post-doctroral Researcher, (2014-2016)

Interests: Stability, Jet noise


Soumyo Sengupta

Graduate Student, (MS, July 2016)

Interests: Jet noise


David Gonzalez

SMART Fellow (PhD, June 2016)

Interests: Shear Layer Instability


Rachelle L. Speth

Graduate Student, GRA (PhD, November 2015)

Interests: jet noise, shear layer instabilities, flow control


Kengo Asada

Post-doctoral Researcher, (2014-2015)

Interests: Transition and turbulence, Flow Control


Mansoor Mustafa

Graduate Student, GRA (MS, August 2015)

Interests: Multi-stream co-axial flows for noise reduction


Brian Jackson

BS, 2015

Interests: Scramjets


John Reinert

BS, 2015

Interests: Hypersonics


Robert Yentsch

SMART Fellow (PhD, December 2013)

Interests: Hypersonic flight, high performance computation, combustion, unsteady phenomena