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Post-doctoral Researchers

Rajesh Ranjan

Post-doctoral Researcher (2017-)


Vilas Shinde

Post-doctoral Researcher, (2017-)


S. Unnikrishnan

Post-doctoral Researcher, (2017-)

Interests: Stability of fluid flows



Michael Adler

Graduate Student, NDSEG Fellow (Expected PhD)

Interests: Shock/Turbulence Interactions, Stability


Matt Aultman

Graduate Student (Expected PhD)

Interests: Vortex dynamics, Bluff body wakes


Surya Chakrabarti

Graduate Student (Expected PhD)


Hemanth Goparaju

Graduate Student (Expected PhD)


Logan P. Riley

Graduate Student, OSU Presidential Fellow (Expected PhD)

Interests: Shock interactions, hypersonic flight, transition


Cole Robertson

Graduate Student, GRA, (Expected PhD)

Interests: Multistream Flow Interactions, Jet Noise, Hypersonic Flows, Acoustics, Turbulence


Cory Stack

Graduate Student, GRA (Expected PhD)

Interests: Multistream flows, jet noise, flow control, rectangular nozzles


Manan Vyas

Graduate Student, NASA Engineer (Expected PhD)

Interests: High-order methods and LES