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NS-DBD Control

A Semi-Empirical Model of a Nanosecond Pulsed Plasma Actuator For Flow Control Simulations with LES



A phenomenological model, suitable for coupling to Large Eddy Simlations (LES) of flow control applications, is developed to simulate the effects of a nanosecond dielectric barrier discharge (NS-DBD) actuator. The model considers various surface and volume heating profiles to reproduce the key qualitative and quantitative features of NS-DBD actuators. The model is tuned to match the unique wave shape observed in Schlieren imagery and quantitative wave speed and displacement data. The induced wave structure, comprised of a cylindrical component with a tail, can be reproduced with a spatially varying heating distribution - a Gaussian variation in the direction of the discharge provides accurate results. The instantaneous location of the wave, which propagates at approximately acoustic speed after an initial transient may be matched by considering a volumetric deposition model. Power input estimates in the current model are consistent with those postulated in experimental investigations.


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