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We use high-fidelity computational methods on supercomputers to generate insight into a wide range of multi-physics fluid dynamic phenomena. Our current interests include jet noise, shock wave-turbulent boundary layer interactions, scramjet flow paths in hypersonic flight and flows past wings. In each, we seek to understand the key mechanisms and various ways they may be controlled. We anchor our results in experimental data obtained at The Ohio State University and elsewhere before using the rich datasets to perform analyses that are difficult if not impossible to obtain from testing alone.


We are grateful for funding and CPU grants from the following agencies

Latest News

December 9, 2015


Logan Riley presents at DAGSI review

November 2015


That's Rachelle Speth, PhD to you!

June, 2015


Rachelle Speth and Datta V. Gaitonde win The ASME 2015 Robert T. Knapp Award for the most outstanding original paper dealing with analytical or laboratory research.

Aviation 2015, Dallas

S. Unnikrishnan, K. Goparaju, A. Mohan, D. Gonzalez and D. Gaitonde present papers written with M. Adler, M. Waindim, L. Agostini and M. Lewis (IDA)

May, 2015


Arvind Mohan wins ASME DESS best presentation award

April, 2015


Michael Adler wins NDSEG Fellowship

August, 2014

Navy HPCMP Pathfinder Project

David Gonzalez awarded High-Priority computational resources under the inaugural Navy HPCMP Pathfinder Project program

August 26, 2014


Dr. Lionel Agostini joins as post-doctoral researcher

August 15, 2014


Michael Adler (PhD) , Mansoor Mustafa (MS), Soumyo Sengupta (MS) and Cory Stack (MS) join research group

August 4-7, 2014


Kalyan Goparaju, Arvind Mohan, Kelsey Shaler, Rachelle Speth and Mbu Waindim present papers

August, 2014


David Gonzalez awarded SMART fellowship

July 28-30, 2014

Joint Propulsion Conference, Cleveland

Robert Yentsch gets Best Paper Award

June 16-20, 2014

AIAA Aviation 2014, Atlanta

David Gonzalez presents paper

May 21-22, 2014

The Ohio State University

First annual review of CCAS

April, 2014


Dr. Kengo Asada joins as post-doctoral researcher

March, 2014


Kalyan Goparaju gets best presentation award

February, 2014


Dr. Swagata Bhaumik joins as post-doctoral researcher

Jan 13-15, 2014

SciTech 2014, National Harbor

Kalyan Goparaju, Robert Yentsch and Mbu Waindim present papers

Dec 15, 2013


That's Robert Yentsch, PhD to you!

Dec 5, 2013


Kickoff meeting, multi-stream flows

Oct 29, 2013

DESS 2013, Wright State University

Mbu Waindim and Rachelle Speth make presentations on wall turbulence and jet control

Oct 23, 2013


Prof. Gaitonde presents at review (WPAFB)

Oct 18, 2013

Poster presentations

Mbu Waindim, Rachelle Speth and Kelsey Shaler participate in Recruiting Engineers Day 2013

Oct 11, 2013

PhD Defense

Robert Yentsch successfully defends PhD

Sep 25, 2013


Kickoff meeting at TecEdge, Dayton

Sep 4, 2013

Post-doctoral position available

Announcement posted on Openings page.

Aug 25, 2013

Welcome New Students

Logan Riley, Arvind Mohan, Kalyan Goparaju, S. Unnikrishnan and Manan Vyas join HFCMPL

Aug 5, 2013

Cluster expansion

Manticore expanded to 1024 cores

July 29, 2013

HFCMPL Expansion

Bolz office fully functional with new furniture and machines

July 14-17, 2013

AIAA JPC, San Jose, CA

Yentsch presents paper on mode transition

July 7-11, 2013

ASME FEDSM, Incline Village, NV

Rachelle presents paper on nearfield acoustics

June 24-27, 2013

AIAA Summer Meetings, San Diego, CA

Kelsey and Datta present papers on retreating airfoil and SBLI respectively.

May 20, 2013

512 Core Cluster

HFCMPL cluster (dryad) online and fully functional.

May 20, 2013

SciTech 2014

Abstracts submitted on mode transition, equilibrium profile generation and underexpanded jet control

April 15, 2013

E513 Cluster

192 core cluster installed